SuperLiveHD for PC, Windows, and Mac

SuperLiveHD for PC

Now we are going to discuss SuperLiveHD for PC including Windows 7/8/10 and for Mac OS as well. There are two procedures by which you guys are able to take a good view of your CCTV cameras. In this post, you guys can free download the setup for Superlive plus for PC. After downloading the setup we will learn that how to configure Superlive plus for PC. Now we are going to use windows 7 and also Mac but you guys can use the same setting for Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well. Also, you can use another app named “superlivepro for PC” let’s start with downloading the setup.

SuperLiveHD Introduction

Well, the Superlive Plus app mainly supports IP cameras for CCTV surveillance which purposes on both the platforms that are windows platform & as well as Android platform and this app permits you to connect to any network which is enabled by the camera by using the IP (Internet Protocol) address to this app.

This app will permit the owner in order to connect with the camera and can also see the recordings and feeds from any part of the world. There are no such location restrictions for the possessor to view feeds. Also, you guys can watch any recordings or footage of any time you need to scroll in the timeline and also watch only the specific parts in which you guys are interested you do not need to watch the whole footage. But there are lots of features that will help you guys to watch the footage at a specific time and with a zoom facility. SuperLive Plus For PC is having an amazing feature actually known as PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera control.

This camera permits you to zoom in and zoom out. Also, you can tilt your camera directions for a better view here this app is recommended as it gives freedom to do lots of tasks as per the user’s choice. The unique feature of this app is that it permits communication with other people like family members and office staff also there are notifications pushed on your device. So that you guys can know when there is something wrong.

The app is using a P2P (Peer to Peer) connection as this connection offers equal permissions to all the devices connected. Also, responsibilities will be equal for processing the data so that it always offers clear feeds and there is also a video player which enables all the options of playback and other options as well.

The app is basically available for both Android and iOS platforms for android it is available on the play store and for iOS. Also, it is available on the app store. You guys can use it on your PC by using an android emulator just like BlueStacks and for this app, we recommend that your internet connection should be stable as with a stable connection this app runs very smoothly & without any hindrance.

Furthermore, the SuperLiveHD for PC has got remarkable ratings and reviews in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With over 500,000+ installations & 3.6-star average user aggregate rating points, it is on the top spot of Google Play Store’s Business apps. Recently, SuperLiveHD is under Editor’s Choice Apps section in Google Play Store.

Features of SuperLiveHD

  • Watch live video and also listen to live audio from cameras
  • Also, configure push notifications
  • Save images & recordings
  • Easily share to social platforms or by using text or email
  • Video playback

Similar apps of SuperLive Plus for PC


Basically, this is a surveillance app similar to SuperLive Plus that permits users to keep watch on places of interest. This camera software allows users to see live video footage from installed cameras. And also watch the video playback. The iSmartViewPro PC app has lots of features just like PTZ control, two-way audio communication, and lots more.

Arlo App

Arlo is a surveillance app like SuperLive Plus that enables users in order to monitor their homes, workplace, and other places in between. By using this smart home security app, users can pair with the wireless, weatherproof 4K Ultra-high quality display security camera. Users of the app can stream live video, view video playback, arm and disarm their system, and furthermore.

Night Owl Connect App

This SuperLive Plus alternative is a surveillance application that enables users to monitor happenings around them. By using this app, users of the app can monitor events from anywhere and at any time. Recordings, images, and video footage from this app can also be shared from the app to social network platforms or by email.

Get SuperLiveHD for PC, Windows, and Mac

First of all, you have to install SuperLiveHD on PC, SuperLiveHD for Windows, SuperLiveHD for Mac OSX, and also other PC systems. Must follow the below steps to download and also install SuperLiveHD for PC & Windows.

  • Firstly, you guys need to download BlueStacks from the official site. Here is the Download (Link) of BlueStacks.
  • Now run the BlueStacks Setup.exe in order to start the extraction of BlueStacks files.
  • After extraction BlueStacks starter screen will appear with an Install button. Tap on the Install button in order to install BlueStacks on PC and in order to configure BlueStacks with PC.
  • Now log in to your Google Android account, simply enter your Gmail ID & password.

Important Note: If you guys do not have Google Account, you can create a new one. Tap on Create a new account.

Install SuperLiveHD for PC

At a time when you guys get registered on Playstore. Type SuperLiveHD on the search bar, press enter button or click on the search icon.

  • Choose SuperLiveHD by Peng Antai.
  • Tap on Install Button.


What is the process for downloading SuperLive Plus for Mac?

You guys need to follow the same process you guys have to now download and also install the BlueStacks Android emulator. Then from the google play store, you can download SuperLive Plus

Is the interface the same as with a mobile app?

Obviously, there is no such different interface for mobile and PC and we have the same for windows and Mac

How is the camera quality and also can we zoom in and zoom out?

Camera quality is the best you can zoom in and zoom out you guys can also set your playing time and speed as you want and can set timing accordingly.

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Therefore, this is all about Superlive plus for PC. By using these steps you guys can easily configure the SuperlivePro DVR/NVR/IP camera for your Windows laptop and desktop. In case you guys have any queries or suggestions please write to us in the comment section below.

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