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Shareit for PC

Well, we demonstrated different methods for teaching viewers how to download Shareit for PC. Not just means of real-life transportation are getting advanced, but, data transportation sources. Before file transfer applications we were taking support of Bluetooth and Infrared. They were taking lots of minutes to transfer a few MBs data. So thanks to apps just like Shareit we can share GBs of data within a few seconds. On public demand of this highly popular application on PC, we prepared this guide. It includes Shareit features, a way of working, comparison with other applications. So let’s Begin!

Shareit for PC

SHAREit for PC: Basically the SHAREit is an app that needs to be used by more than one person to be of any use. After all, its function is to share files between two phones by using the internet or Bluetooth. In order to use the app, you guys only have to select between “Send” and “Receive”. In the first case, mark the desired files & also wait for the other person to trigger the receiving option.

The SHAREit app has the function of easing the sharing of files between two mobile phone devices that have it installed. Its connection versatility is its main highlight, it is able to use the Bluetooth of the device also use WiFi. There is even an option for sharing a data plan for those who don’t have internet access. With a setup interface in English, just choose the files and wait for the transfer to finish. It couldn’t be simpler.

Actually, the sharing speed is variable, changing according to the network which is used for the connection. By using WiFi only, sending happens instantly. Otherwise, the time taken to identify between two devices is a bit high, reaching up to 30 seconds for cell phones that are next to each other, for instance.

In Addition, another interesting option is the sharing of the app itself with other devices. It permits a QR code to be shown on the screen of your mobile phone to make it easier to find it in the App Store. It also allows you to transfer files to complete groups, as well as back them up to another smartphone. Really practical alternatives to everyday life.

Similar applications of SHAREit

Xender App

Xender app is basically a popular data transfer utility that permits the transfer of files across lots of devices. The Xender app has an intuitive design, is pretty simple to use, and is incredibly fast! It depends on a peer-to-peer exchange by using the Wi-Fi direct feature and permits the simultaneous transfer of files to enormous users.

ShareMe (MiDrop)

Well, this app (formerly known as MiDrop) also enables transfer by using the P2P Wifi direct feature. It permits the transfer of all types of files across enormous devices. This app doesn’t have ads just like SHAREit. But it also lacks the entertaining perks the SHAREit app provides.

Zapya App

Well, this SHAREit alternative is basically a super-fast P2P file-sharing application that enables the transfer of file types of any size across different devices. This app removes the need for a Wifi router or mobile data and also permits users to send files to a group of people at a time.


Team Viewer serves as the best app that comes with sophisticated features with great compatibility to work on different operating systems. You guys can easily transfer the files remotely by using this application. Superior performance with user-friendly setup. The app permits screen sharing. The application is available for android, iOS devices, Mac, etc.

Send Anywhere

The application performs the function of file transfer by using peer-to-peer connections. File transferring is absolutely free from cloud storage. This makes sure the data security. There is no limitation on enormous files that could be shared. Syncing the devices is a pretty simple process. The file transfer is too fast as it avoids cloud storage. Optimum security as that of SHAREit.


  • SHAREit is absolutely free-to-use app.
  • ShareIT is basically capable of creating a direct connection between two PCs over a wireless connection. You can send files from a PC to another one without launching a LAN connection.
  • SHAREit is a multiplatform tool. Therefore, as a result, you will be able to connect a PC to an android, iPhone, or windows phone. Or connect your Windows PC to a Mac.
  • Also, the transfer speed of the app is quite fast compared to a LAN or Bluetooth connection.
  • The app doesn’t only permit you to send files just like Video, Audio, or Images. But using this tool, you can share almost each and every file type including .exe, .msi, and other file formats.

But, to make you understand better about SHAREit for PC. Here are some pros of the app that we thought should mention. Also, a few cons that can’t be ignored. So here we go:

Pros of SHAREit

  • Large-sized files could be transferred with facilitating.
  • Cross-platform is actually the biggest benefit of the application. Excellent functionality even if it is transferring files between gadgets that are working on different operating systems.
  • The app Avoids the fuss of wires or cables.
  • Enormous files can be transferred to many devices at once.
  • The devices that work on applications are detected automatically in case they are within the range. Therefore, the pairing process is made simple.
  • Leakage of info or security of data is not an issue of concern. The application avoids cloud storage and hence it is less vulnerable to usual threats.
  • The application supports you to save the internet charges.
  • The sharing of files comes without any loss in the actual quality.
  • Avoids installation of the video player to view the files.


  • Being absolutely free app, the advertisements would pop up whilst using the app.
  • The detection of devices is dependent on the range.

How to Install Shareit for PC (Windows)

Generally, the official Shareit PC version is not a proper app. It’s just a WhatsApp Web alike platform. You guys can connect with the Shareit application with Shareit Web by using a mobile hotspot or scanning a QR code. In order to get a proper Shareit app on a PC just like the Android version, we need to use an emulator or an iOS emulator. Emulators have a more user-friendly interface, more stability, & more efficient performance. Therefore, we recommend using Android app installers for Windows to Download Shareit for PC.

Over the years, we are recommending 2 top-notch Android emulators BlueStacksNox App Player. You probably find plenty of other emulators just like Genymotion, Ko Player, etc. But our 2 recommended Android emulators are the best emulators for Windows of all time. Actually, BlueStacks is best for Windows and Nox is best for Mac. But, you guys can choose any of these on supported operating systems. Follow the steps to Download Shareit on Windows PC.


  • You guys need to visit the official website of BlueStacks to download it on a PC
  • Tap on the download button & wait until the BlueStacks Setup.exe file gets absolutely downloaded. In order to boost the downloading speed, you guys can use NordVPN for PC or ExpressVPN for PC. Use an internet download manager
  • Then install BlueStacks on PC. It required similar steps as any software to be installed on Computer. Now locate the downloaded BlueStacks exe file and double tap on it. The file size is above 400MBs so you guys need some patience.
  • When BlueStacks is installed, organize it on PC. BlueStacks Configuration is necessary to use it. Choose the Language which you guys can easily understand. At the next step, enter your Google Account which is already in use. Whether someone does not have Google Account, he needs to create a new one. Tap on create a new account option.
  • BlueStacks is ready to install Shareit for PC. Drag & Drop the Shareit APK file into BlueStacks which you guys have downloaded. Wait until Shareit APK gets installed.
  • Head to the app and enjoy all features which the Shareit Android version offers.

Download Shareit for Mac

Whether you guys are a user of Mac and want to use Shareit on Mac so then Nox App Player is best. Well, we have personally examined BlueStacks Vs Nox on Mac and Nox won the battle. So we recommend Nox App Player in order to install Shareit for Mac. In case any user wants to use Shareit for windows via Nox then the below steps are the same for Windows OS as well.


  • First of all, we have to download the Nox App Player on Mac. No visit the website Tap on the Download button and wait for the complete download.
  • Now install the Nox App Player on Mac like you install any other software.
  • After installation, set up Nox on Mac, you guys will be redirected to Nox Home Screen.
  • Tap on the Google Play icon, Search for the Shareit app.
  • Tap on the install button, let the installation begin.
  • Your Shareit for PC Mac will be ready to use in a while.

Shareit for Windows Free Download (EXE File)

Whether your purpose is just sending data from Android to PC or Vice Versa, Shareit official PC web version is enough for you. Basically, this method is the easiest to get Shareit for PC. Remember that you guys are unable to use the Android version of Shareit on PC through it.


What is the main purpose of the SHAREit app?
SHAREit is basically an app meant for data transfer between any two devices.

On which OS SHAREit application would run?
Well, the SHAREit application is officially available for android devices, any Windows OS or iOS devices.

What is the size limitation that could be shared by using the app?
Nope. Files that are very big in size probably take a bit longer than those of normal files during file sharing.

Is it possible to invite friends to use SHAREit app with me?
Obviously. There is an option ‘invite friends’ in the app itself. Tapping on that link would send your friends an email consisting of the SHAREit app download link.

Can I transfer the resources between two devices that are operating on different OS?
Definitely. You guys can easily transfer the files between the devices working on different OS as it doesn’t affect the functionality of the application.

Is it possible for other users of SHAREit to connect with my device to transfer the files without my consent?
Nope. You guys have to approve their invitation to connect, prior to sending the data to your device.

Do I need an active internet connection to share the files with other devices?
No. Not at all You guys are supposed to connect to the wi-fi radio of your device.

Is it possible to share a complete folder at a single go?
Yes. choose the folder that you chose to send in the file browser and tap the ‘select’ option.

How can I update my app?
The application is automated to check frequently for any new updates available.

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Guys! That’s all for ShareIT for PC, so please follow us for more cool tricks and updates. If you have any queries so please leave them in the comment box below.

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