Proxynel for PC, Windows, and Mac

Proxynel for PC

There are lots of sites that people in a particular locality on the globe cannot access since they are blocked. Having the Proxynel for PC, you guys have a rare chance of accessing those sites that have difficulties. It is the newest VPN in the market, actually which comes with new, enhanced features that other VPN lacks. Also, it has been structured in a way that bypasses geographical limitations imposed and provides you guys the ability to roam across the internet.

Proxynel for PC

In case you guys are familiar with the term “proxy server” & how it works. You guys will hardly doubt the necessity of a VPN site unblocker, especially considering the new situation on the web. Administrators & as well as other authorities follow their privacy policy and also censorship restricting access to their resources.

Well, the Proxynel for PC has around 29 servers located in 9 different countries. You guys would know, performance metrics are a key criterion to check in a VPN. The Proxynel app, which is the flagship support provided by the company, performed remarkably. They provide PC VPN connectivity & the speeds experienced there were more or less similar. We encountered a speed drop-off of around 2 to 3 times the ordinary network connection, which is the standard. Totally free subscription plan users will not be able to experience good speeds, which again is something to be expected.

Why use the Proxynel app?

Basically, it is the best VPN globally due to its remarkable features. Besides, you guys enjoy the various benefits that it comes with. To have the app on your PC, make sure to follow all the steps. Ensure you guys install both the Proxynel and BlueStacks in the right way. Be ready to enjoy the browser that comes with it. Above all, the Proxynel VPN will make sure you are secured whilst browsing any blocked site in your location without any issue.

Features of Proxynel for PC 

Well, there are quite a number of features that Proxynel actually comes with. You guys will also be able to access all these features at no cost. Yet you guys can easily get your very own Proxynel for Windows or go for Proxynel for Mac in the case at all you guys are an Apple user. They have assured you that you are not limited to a specific type of computer. Some of the features you guys will also get from Proxynel include.

Unlimited bandwidth.

Most VPNs are basically known to come with limited bandwidths. This is where you guys get to use the VPN for some time after which you guys will also be unable to. However, with Proxynel, you guys are offered unlimited bandwidth that will keep you guys connected throughout without any trouble. This just means that you guys can use Proxynel for a lifetime. So don’t forget that Proxynel comes for free.

No Interruptions.

Well, there are many times that you guys will find even the best VPNs just like those that people pay to access tend to cut connections at a certain point. At a time when this happens, so you have to then restart the VP before you can continue using it. Generally, this is not the case with Proxynel for PC. When you connect it, it will run throughout without any interruptions.

You get a fast connection.

The Proxynel app will give you access to some of the best & fastest servers. All these servers are of developed countries. So you guys should be sure that you will also be able to stream & browse faster than other VPNs. The servers you guys get include those of the USA, Spain, Germany, UK, Singapore, India, France & even the Netherlands. All you guys must have to do is pick the country you want, and Proxynel will enable you guys to connect to its servers.

It comes with a browser.

For those people who dislike VPNs due to their own personal causes, the Proxynel app comes with a browser with which you guys can access any website you want without limitations. This basically makes Proxynel one of a kind since most VPNs only provide the masking feature without the browser itself. The Proxynel app browser is fast and very suitable. You guys will be able to browse and stream without any problems.

It offers security and privacy.

Whilst using Proxynel VPN, the last thing that should cross your mind is the fear of browsing insecurely. This is just because that the Proxynel app uses some of the best & impenetrable security protocols that are designed to keep off anyone with dubious activities. This just means that the VPN will not only make sure that you are browsing privately but also confirm that you are secure. Any passwords and personal details you use whilst accessing Proxynel will be kept private and far from any hacker’s or crackers’ reach.

Download and install Proxynel for PC

Before you guys proceed to download the software, you guys will need to have BlueStacks installed on your PC. This is an impressive Android emulator that is just known to function optimally at a time when it comes to running Android apps on Personal Computers.

The following steps include the method of downloading the BlueStacks emulator up to when you install Proxynel VPN and Browser:

  • First of all, you have to download BlueStacks on your PC.
  • Now go ahead and run the setup and wait until the installation procedure is complete.
  • Android Emulator (BlueStacks) will prompt you to choose the language you prefer.
  • You guys will also be required to sign in with your Google Play Store info which includes your email and password.
  • If you lack a functional PlayStore identification, you guys can go ahead and create one.
  • Once in, find the Google Play Store icon, it is similar to that you use on your Android gadgets.
  • Through Play Store, key in Proxynel VPN & Browser.
  • Choose the Proxynel browser by a unicorn.
  • Now go ahead and press download.
  • Double click the installed Proxynel VPN & Browser to run and install.
  • Head to the VPN and start enjoying unlimited access to all the blocked sites.

That is a step-by-step procedure that you guys can use to download both Proxynel for Windows & Proxynel for MAC. Make sure you guys don’t skip any process and make sure that your PC does not shut during the process. For those who will get the system extension blocked popup notification. Go ahead and tap open security preferences so that you guys may be allowed to access BlueStacks. This is bound to happen to those using Mac to run and also install their BlueStacks. You should be aware that you guys cannot access Proxynel without the BlueStacks Android emulator. This just means that it is very vital.


What is the Proxynel app?

Proxynel proxy app is basically the fastest web proxy browser to unblock websites, by just heading the app you guys can browse and access nearly any blocked website in your country. US Proxy servers are a built-in feature within the proxy browser application.

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Well, I hope that you guys like a guide. If you have any issues or any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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