PhonePe for PC, Windows, and Mac

PhonePe for PC

Have you ever heard about the PhonePe app in the past? Well,  you will note that this is a payment app that permits you to use BHIM UPI, your credit and debit card or wallet in order to recharge your mobile phone and also make an instant payment when you shop on your favorite and online stores.

PhonePe for PC

By using this application, you guys can link your bank account on the PhonePe app and also transfer money with BHIM UPI instantly. You guys can trust that you will also be able to meet all your banking needs and is better than internet banking. Also, you will not need to recall essential info just like account numbers, IFSC codes and so much more. This makes it an ideal app for anyone who wants to make instant payments anywhere.

PhonePe for PC is basically a UPI-based, across-the-board advanced wallet for users in the Indian subcontinent. It needs one ledger or credit/Debit card to be linked for users to use in each online exchange. Whatever the case, the stage guarantees users that their monetary subtleties are verified and as well as secured against cybercriminals.

Basically, the PhonePe is likewise an advantageous application as it empowers organizations to pay their service charges through it. Therefore they can guarantee that their activities are not upset just because of recent or missed installments. Other than that, they can likewise utilize the answer to offer pay rates to their workers. The last capacity is useful to organizations with a worldwide or appropriated workforce.

By using the PhonePe, stores can even acknowledge PhonePe installments by means of its devoted POS device. This also makes in-store exchanges consistent as it takes not exactly a moment to finish. Moreover, it is profoundly secure as one POS is linked to just a single vendor.

Similar apps of PhonePe for PC


Chillr is basically an Indian e-commerce payment system that provides instant money transfer, bill payments, and mobile recharge. Also, it is similar to PhonePe in functionality. An outstanding feature of this application is the “Split bill” feature, where you can also share bills among people. Also, users can book flights, hotels, etc.

Paytm App

Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment system that provides secure transactions. With the easy-to-use interface of this payment application, you will enjoy smooth day-to-day payments and online transactions. Also, you can link your bank account to Paytm or choose to fill in your Paytm wallet.


This finance application makes keeping well-revised records of payments & transactions easy. With Affirm, payments are secure just because you guys have can have a digital credit card system for online purchases and transactions.

Features of PhonePe for PC

  • Well, Financial balance Linking
  • Bank Balance Check
  • Credit and Debit Card Linking
  • Send & also Receive Money
  • POS Payments
  • Application to Bank Account Transfer
  • Wallet Top-Ups
  • Cash Storage
  • Stick Authorization

1. Enables you to transfer money with BHIM UPI

By using the application, you guys can send and request money from your contacts at any time. It also permits you to check your account balance, also saves beneficiaries, and even manages enormous bank accounts across many banks out there. You guys can manage more than 140+ bank accounts by using this application.

2. Enables you to recharge your mobile and DTH connection

In case you guys are using this app, so you can readily recharge your prepaid mobile for operators just like Vodafone, Airtel and so much more. On the other hand, you can recharge your DTH connections across lots of providers such as SUN Direct, Tata Sky, and so on.

3. Enables you to pay your credit card bills

Now you can pay credit bills for MasterCard, Visa, and Diners. It permits you to pay landline bills across providers just like MTNL, BSNL, Reliance and so much more. By using this app, you can also manage to clear your water, gas, and broadband bills quickly and simply.

4. Enables you guys to make online payments easily

By using this application, you guys can pay for electronics, fashion, mobile, and even home and kitchen appliances with ease. You don’t have to load funds onto your wallets. With just a phone number or a virtual ID. Also, you guys can easily accomplish this seamlessly. So, you guys will not fret about running your wallet balance or going via the complete process of topping up your wallet before making a transaction.

5. No need for multiple authentication processes

By using this application, you can be able to send and receive money instantly by using a virtual payment address. As such, you can easily transfer money between any two bank accounts. Also, it is possible to pay money directly from your bank account to both online & offline merchants. One advantage of using this app is just that you guys do not need to enter your credit or debit card details, passwords, and your bank’s IFSC code, and so on.

6. Saves you money

This app permits you to make transactions free of cost. So, you can exchange or return your order to Flipkart and even get a refund in your PhonePe wallet. Also, it is possible to withdraw this wallet balance quickly into your bank account without incurring extra charges.

7. Longer validity

This app permits you to enjoy the long validity of your wallet balance. This means that in case you transact at least once in two years, your PhonePe wallet will also be active and the balance will not expire any time soon.

How to Download and Install Phonepe app on PC by Using Bluestacks

BlueStacks emulator app is actually an app designed in order to ensure that apps are in a position to run well on a PC that is running Microsoft Windows. This application was developed by the BlueStacks Company in America.

Also, it is pretty simple to download apps with the help of the BlueStacks emulator. You guys are supposed to follow the following simple steps to download the PhonePe app on your PC by using the BlueStacks (Android emulator):

  •  In order to begin with you need the instant download of the BlueStacks. Get the newest BlueStacks software on your PC from the official website of BlueStacks.
  • Now install the BlueStacks software on your PC.
  • Set up BlueStacks on your PC so that it can also be in the home tab.
  • Now find the PhonePe app in the App center window. Aso, you will find options for my apps, app center, and help center. Just tap on the App center & then proceed.
  • A search bar will also be observed on the top right corner of your computer so type the name “PhonePe app” since it is the app you guys want to download.
  • Tap the search icon to set you ready to start.
  • Now the Google play store will display the PhonePe app. Tap on it to install.
  • After tapping on install accept and grant permission for it to start installing. PhonePe for Windows and PhonePe for Mac is easy to download and install.

Location of the App:

Once you guys are done downloading and installing the PhonePe app, so it will then appear in “My apps” tap on it to launch. You will also be enjoying the amazing graphics that will be brought to the show of your screen. PhonePe for Windows and PhonePe for Mac will not put you guys into storage constraints.

The emulator which is the BlueStacks will also be giving you enough storage space in order to run this fantastic app on your PC. Emulator installed on your Windows PC or Mac is the sure way in order to use it on the download and installation of the PhonePe app for PC.


1. Is the PhonePe app safe?

Well, this app is absolutely safe and secure. You will note that this application is powered by Yes Bank. All the payments normally happen over a secure banking network. Basically, the good thing here is that this app doesn’t store any user data or passwords. All that you guys need to do for every transaction is just to enter your MPIN, which is only known to you.

2. Is PhonePe a government application?

Basically, it is worth noting that PhonePe is a brand that is possessed by PhonePe Private Limited, though which was formerly known as FX Mart PV Ltd. This application is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India for both the insurance and operation of a Semi-Closed Prepaid Payment system.

3. Can I use PhonePe without SIM?

You probably are tempted to use this application without a SIM. But it is important to note that this application can’t work without a SIM that is registered in the bank. Even Google Pay cannot permit you to do this. All this is due to security reasons. So you need to have a SIM that is registered for you to enjoy the services of this application. The good news is that a new SIM can also be active in 30 to 2 hours, and after that, you guys are too good to go.

4. How does the PhonePe app work?

By using this app, you guys will be able to send and receive money quickly using a VPA, which basically refers to a Virtual Payment Address. This basically means that you guys can transfer money between any two bank accounts. You guys will be able to pay directly from your bank account to both online and offline merchants.

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PhonePe, as the name suggests, is an application specifically made for the phone. But, there are methods you can try on PC. Well, we all have heard the concept of digital currency & since then we are seeing lots of applications to facilitate that feature. PhonePe, although, is only available in India, just like Easypaisa in Pakistan. You can just scan the QR code to pay for the stuff. Further, with their discounts & cashback offers! You will enjoy using this application and for its old users, they are giving them even more stuff. So better register before it is too late.

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