Kingdom: The Blood MMORPG Based On The Zombie Series From Netflix

kingdom the blood

The MMORPG Kingdom: The Blood is based on the Netflix TV series. The game promises to use motion capture and Unreal Engine 4 . It’s too early to talk about a release date, but it’s worth waiting for a cross-platform between smartphones and PCs.

Action Square publisher has revealed that it is working on the mobile MMORPG Kingdom: The Blood (not to be confused with another online game, Kingdom: The Blood Pledge ). It is based on the popular TV series “Kingdom” from Netflix. Its plot revolves around medieval South Korea, where there is a tough power struggle. The dead are involved, who rise from their graves at night. The developers say they use motion capture and 3D graphics. All this is done on Unreal Engine 4.

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Kingdom: The Blood will be released on iOS, Android, and PC. We don’t know about the release date yet, plus no gameplay was shown in the trailer. Nevertheless, by the abundance of hieroglyphs in the announcement, one can judge that there will be a release in Asia first.

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