GBWhatsApp for PC, Windows, and Mac


Well, we will use an emulator to install GBWhatsApp for PC. However, these emulators simulate the Android environment in your laptop/desktop & it permits you to install & use applications that are available on Google Play Store. Remember that the Bluestacks and MEmu play are the two topmost Android emulators that are available for you on the internet. So let’s look at the way in which we can use these emulators to install your favorite app GBWhatsApp on your PC, Windows, and Mac.

GBWhatsapp for PC

Basically, the developers of this modified version of Whatsapp Messanger have actually added lots of additional features just like hiding Double Ticks, Change Themes, Set Online Status, Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts, and furthermore. There are plenty of privacy and security features in order to protect your privacy.

Well, this modded version of Whatsapp Messanger is free to download and use. Unluckily, this mod of Whatsapp Messanger is not available in the Play Store. Still, you guys can download and use this moded version of Whatsapp Messanger by downloading the APK file of GBWhatsapp. Also, you can install the APK file to use GBWhatsapp For PC.

GBWhatsapp version 9.1 is the newest version of all its mods. Actually, this modded version of Whatsapp Messanger includes all the features is provided by FMWhatsapp (version 8.09), OG Whatsapp (version 8.75), and YoWhatsApp (version 9.0). Also, there are some additional features and functions that I will explain further in the post.

GBWhatsapp version 9.1 is an outstanding modified version of Whatsapp Messanger with is impressively launched for its users. In the previous moded version of Whatsapp, you guys have to remove the original Whatsapp app to properly install the modes version. Whether you guys are using GBWhatsapp version 9.1 then there is no need to delete the actual version of Whatsapp Messanger.

At the same time, you can use both Whatsapp Messanger application Moded and non-moded versions. Whether we speak about the compatibility of GBWhatsapp version 9.1. Further, the GBWhatsapp is compatible with Android Jelly Bean 4.3 and grater. The previous modes were also compatible with the Android version of Ice Cream sandwich 4.0.

Features of GBWhatsApp PC

  • The auto-reply feature permits you to reply to your friends at any time.
  • DND: Whether you guys are busy with something and don’t wish to be disturbed by WhatsApp messages. Also, you guys can disconnect the internet connection for GBWhatsApp by using the DND feature.
  • Message broadcasting: This feature permits you to send a message to a vast number of contacts & broadcast it.
  • Filter messages: With Filter Messages, GBWhatsApp enables you guys to clear chat with anyone and filter your messages.
  • Anti-revoke message: the app provides an Anti-revoke messages feature.
  • Live location Sharing: Tell your friends and family about your new location or exchange any live address with them by using this unique and useful feature.
  • Unique effects: WhatsApp permits you to edit your pictures and add unique and cool effects to them before you share them with anyone.
  • Revoke multiple messages: Also, you can simultaneously revoke multiple messages at a time.
  • Send Maximum Pictures: The app enables you guys to share up to 90 pictures at a time which is not possible in the official version of the messaging app. In addition, the video clip size limit for sharing is 50 MB and that for audio clips is 100 MB.
  • Variety of Themes: this app permits you to customize your themes and modes according to the capacity of your phone.
  • Download Statuses: yet another feature that is not provided in the official version of the app, GBWhatsApp lets you download images from the statuses of other contacts.
  • Wonderful Fonts: Set up the fonts of the app to your preference in order to avail fun and beautiful app graphics.
  • Messages History: Whether you guys wish to review your message history from groups and personal messages, you guys can easily do so.
  • Modify contacts: Alter the media visibility of any contact in your gallery.
  • Mark unread messages: Also, you guys can mark messages as read from the notification bar itself.
  • Select all chat: you can choose all the apps at the same time with a simple click in the home screen.
  • Hide your status: your status can also be hidden from selective contacts.
  • Best Image Quality: whilst the original version of WhatsApp lowers the image resolution, GBWhatsApp will preserve your image quality at a time when you send it to anyone.
  • Log History: review your log history even from weeks back anytime you guys wish.

GBWhatsapp for PC (FAQs)

1. Is WhatsApp mod for pc available?

Whether you guys want a WhatsApp mod for your computer you will have to look for it on the WhatsApp web. The mod will permit you guys to change lots of aspects of your WhatsApp except on how the WhatsApp functions. You guys can change how the interface looks and such features.

2. Can I download Bluestacks for PC?

Obviously, the Bluestacks is software that can be downloaded on your computer. Bluestacks is designed to work on PCs. Bluestacks is used to emulate Android OS on your computer

3. How can I access GBWhatsapp web online?

In case you guys need to use GBWhatsapp on your PC by using the web interface. So you guys will need to have GBWhatsapp on your mobile phone. When you guys have downloaded the app on your mobile phone, head to the WhatsApp web on your browser and also head to the GBWhatsapp on your phone device. Match the QR codes on your PC and your smartphone, and you guys can use GBWhatsapp on your computer.

4. How can I download GBWhatsapp for Windows phone?

Well, the GBWhatsapp is an Android app, and that is why you guys will need an emulator on your Windows phone to download the application on your Windows phone. The best emulator, in this case, is the MEmu player. Download it on your Windows phone. Also, download GBWhatsapp APK on your PC. Tap on the APK icon on the Android emulator and select the GBWhatsapp APK you downloaded and GBwhatsapp will also be downloaded on your Windows phone

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In my point of view, it is better to use this mod on PC. There are some purposes for my statement. As you may know, that you can share media and documents by using this app. So, it is very challenging to save a lot of media and materials on mobile phones. Therefore, people prefer PC just because that they want to save media and documents on their PCs. If you have any questions, so then leave a comment and wait for my answer. Keep visiting for more exciting posts. Cheers!
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